Welcome Everyone!

Hello to everyone–vendors, brides, grooms, partners and everyone involved in these wonderful weddings that are being planned!
Asher Artisan Bridal Show is a unique, offbeat, and bespoke show that wants to meet couples who want DIFFERENT elements for their wedding! Handmade veils and hairpieces, invites printed on recycled paper, unusual flowers, organic cake…the list goes on! If you don’t shop at the mall for your clothes, you should be looking here for wedding vendors! ALL of the vendors that are involved with Asher Artisan are local, independently owned businesses. The artists behind these businesses want to create something as unique as you are!
The idea for this show isn’t as origional as you may think–but the idea to start it was very inspiring! I had met a bride in Pittsburgh that was looking at my portfolio and she said:
“I love all your work…it’s so different! My fiance and I are both artists, and we’re looking for something more artistic and personal. We’re a little traditional, but mainly we want to stand out and look different!”
It was that very statement that inspired me to bring together all vendors that were like me–independent and local and wanting to meet with couples that were the same way so that everyone’s creativity could run wild!
You never know how a one-minute interaction will influence your life! We’re so excited to meet you and your partners!

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photo copyright Kate Stutz Photography

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