Starving Artists–Give Them a Chance!

Some say All You Need is Love. For the most part, that is totally true! What would life be without love? Boring and sad–that’s what! Even for people like me that do NOT have the love of money and materialism…we still need to eat and pay bills! And for many other aspiring artists like me, it can be difficult to make a living off of your art at times…throwing your passion and energy into projects and dreams, but going unnoticed. These are the two biggest reasons I decided to start this show:
1.) Small artist-based businesses need more exposure
2.) Small businesses can’t afford an $800+ table at big bridal shows
Exposure is the element that is necessary to make your art into a business. If no one knows about your interesting and amazing products or services, they won’t be able to contract with you! There are so many wonderful artists that produce lovely pieces of work, and eventually quit their day jobs to do their art full time! After all, if there were no art, the world would be a pretty bland place, don’t you think?
Affording an $800 table can be looked at as “an investment” but look at our economy–if you’re trying to make a living, maybe hold a day job, even raise a family, $800 is a hefty sum! Sure, they’ll say “well, you can make payments!” and it stings a little less, but not by much. They’ll also say “book one wedding and you’ve covered the cost!” OK, that makes sense too, but really all you did was break even. You are not turning a profit, and what’s more, you can only do ONE show that year, which isn’t giving you much exposure. After looking at it like that, is it reasonable? Not really.
With the Asher Artisan Bridal Show, I want to bring together all vendors and artists who are eager to show off their portfolios and promote themselves. If you’ve got something that makes you stand out and want to meet awesome couples in person and turn clients into friends, this is where you want to be–and at the introductory rate of $100 a table, its an investment that won’t break your mosaic, hand painted piggy bank 🙂
Asher Artisan Bridal Show, Pittsburgh Bridal Show, Pittsburgh Independent Bridal Show, Pittsburgh Small Business Bridal Show

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