The 5 Friends Entreprenurs Need! | Asher Artisan Bridal Show

“That’s what friends are for!” That song instantly popped into my head! Well, I suppose it’s because at a wedding I shot last week a few of the cute bridesmaids sang it to the newly married couple during the Maid of Honor Toast! It was adorable. But seriously! You NEED friends. You need them for every chapter and each walk of life you go on. Entrepreneurs are in special need of friends to support them.
The Cheerleader
Miss (or Mr!) will be there for you during your tough times telling you that you CAN do it! They’ll laugh in the face of impossible feats either with you or for you, and tell you that you can over come any obstacle, and make you feel confident when you’re at a low.
The Oprah
This is the friend that looooves to talk about you. In a GOOD way! She tells everyone she knows about what awesome things you’re doing starting up your business, and how you’re so great at what you do. He whips your business card out to all his colleagues like it’s his job. She comments and shares all of the links and photos you post. You will be eternally grateful for all of the referrals they’ve given you, because referrals are priceless in the business world!
The Grandy
She’ll comfort you with a kind word when you need to hear one. He’ll tell you that not all is lost when you feel you’re losing. The Grandy (Grandma or Grandpa, depending on what they are, you know!) will take you into their kitchen and bake proverbial cookies when you’re having a bad day. Which, consequently, can happen a lot during a business start up! It comes with the territory.
The Yogi
She’s there with her everlasting aura of calm. Which is something that doesn’t exactly exist in me. I have to call this category the Yogi because my girlfriend that is this category literally IS a yogi! She’s the coolest thing since Woodstock, and not only can she talk business, but she brings an element of peace to it. When I’m feeling anxious, spending time with her brings me back to center and I can focus again. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing to see where your road is taking you. Your Yogi can help you do that!
The Coach
Another friend you’ll love to love is your coach friend. You can sit at her dining room table with a cup (or seven…) of coffee and talk for hours. Without stopping. And then you realize you’re late to pick up your kids from school. Woops! As you drive like a bat out of hell to get to school on time, you leave inspired, full of new ideas, your brain buzzing from the brainstorming and a sense that YES! I can indeed get this done!
Where do you find these type of friends? You already have them of course! Look no further than the friends you already have! Every single one of the friends that fit into these categories for me was my friend LONG before I started my business!
I was recently at a wonderful baby shower where one of the guests made delicious vegan cupcakes to serve for dessert as a gift. At the end of the shower, the beautiful mommy to be told everyone that her girlfriend had so generously provided the cupcakes, and that she could be contacted for more orders! My Mommy-to-be friend had just turned into an Oprah! She was supporting and promoting her girlfriend and helping her to get her name out, and this cupcake girl really deserved it! But they had been friends LONG before she started the cupcake gig. That’s what I’m saying–you don’t need to seek out help, the people that love you are already close to you.
Friends will love you no matter what–we love them all unconditionally, and that’s what makes our relationships strong! Arm yourselves with these five, and love them back the way they love you, and you will all be unstoppable 🙂 Yes!!!
And because every post is better with a photo…enjoy these adorable shoes from a wedding I shot a few weeks ago! BOWS! Gorgeous!

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photo copyright Kate Stutz Photography

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