Four Ways for Independent Business Owners to “Shut Off”!

“I just can’t switch off!”
“It’s like the work light is always on!”
“I’m always working, all hours, it never stops!”
Owning your own business has TONS of perks, including flexibility, freedom, choices, and loving what you do. One of the downsides, however, is having your business overtake your life. It happens to the best of us!
HOWEVER! There is good news. Hurray! A great way to look at it is–if you’re pouring all of this energy into your business, YOU will be the one to reap the benefit! I remember working a day job and working hard, and then going home stressed and realizing that someone else was going to reap the benefits of my enthusiasm, perseverance, and drive to do better. Not exactly fair, is it? Well now you can do all that for yourself. You just have to give yourself a chance to recharge those batteries! Aside from the obvious tips of shutting your phone off, walking away from email and facebook, here are a few ideas…
1.  Walk Away! Literally! Put on your sneakers and go outside! Or to the gym, or wherever you enjoy walking to. Walking, jogging, or running can help clear your mind because you focus on something completely different than what you were working on before. There is no computer screen in front of you, and you can zone out in your ear buds. My personal favorite is to take one of my kids outside and pick up feathers, pine cones, and seed pods. Immersing myself in their questions and in nature helps me shut off my to-do list.
2.  Pick up a paintbrush. Well, you don’t have to, but in this case, do something completely different than what you were working on. For me, being a photographer requires a lot of time spent with technology. So I started doing watercolor painting again–it’s something I can do with my hands and it’s more organic and requires different skills. It works the other side of my brain when I’m not working on a computer!
3. Phone a Friend. We’ve already talked about the importance of friends in another blog post, and now is a great time to call upon one of them! Call them up and ask them about THEIR day, and how THEIR life is going! Hearing about someone else’s life can switch gears and get your mind off your own problems. Talk with your friend about the exciting and fun things going on in his/her life, or even help them out with a problem you didn’t know they were having. You feel like you can conquer the world when you help someone!
4. Write, write, right! I can’t tell you enough how much writing has helped me. Not only as a creative outlet, but I’m a compulsive, life-long, list maker. I have notebooks, I could show you. Really. But seriously, if you’re finding you can’t shut off the light, get out a piece of paper and write down ALL the things that are bothering you, big and small. This will help you stop repeating them in your head, which can make them seem worse than what they really are. Writing it down helps you visualize it, and makes it easier to handle!
How do you shut off from your ever growing to-do list? We’d love to know any tips!
And because every post is better with a photo….

Asher Artisan Bridal Show, Pittsburgh Bridal Show, Artist Wedding Show, Artist Pittsburgh Bridal Show,

photo by Kate Stutz Photography

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