Awesome Asher Artisan Vendor–Ultimate Entertaining

I’ve known Tonya and Sean, of Ultimate Entertaining a husband and wife team, for a few years now! They deejayed a wedding and a few parties I shot, and I really enjoyed talking with both of them! They handle the wedding as a team, Sean operating the deejay and music part, and Tonya handles organizing the reception and making sure it goes off smoothly! I asked Tonya some questions to help us get to know her and Sean better, read on so you can get to know them too:

When I asked what sparked their interest into the wedding industry, Tonya said that Sean went golfing with his friend who suggested he should start deejaying. Sean thought about it the whole time they were golfing. After golfing, Sean expressed wanting to take the plunge and investing the money into becoming a deejay, and Tonya was so supportive, they excelled!
They started out deejaying at a bar north of Pittsburgh. After about a year of the bar scene and late nights,they decided the atmosphere wasn’t for them. They have little kids, and felt they should move more towards family oriented deejaying like weddings, reunions, corporate parties, birthdays, and graduations. They agreed to quit the bar scene completely and trust God to put them in marketplace and get their name out. They didn’t just sit and wait–they took action and started getting weddings and then, referrals really started to come in with rave reviews of their over the top attention to detail and customer service.
The thing they love most about their business is at the end of the night when the bride and groom come up to them and say “You made our dreams come true, wow!”  Sean loves the energy he creates with the music you feel it in your soul and everyone is jumping and dancing and having a super FUN time!!
They think outside the box with their wedding DJ service because they try to educate clients so the new couple can make an informed decision about different aspects of their wedding.  They offer a free consultation and go over elements like venue, and up lighting. Those are elements from the DJing field that some clients are not familiar with and don’t want to be embarrassed to ask about. They want their clients to know that they can ask any question without hesitation. In the consultation they even share a glossary of wedding terms so the clients can feel empowered, actually having an opinion in the decisions of their important day. They want to be your personal concierge to your wedding day. They create a unique, custom designed wedding that their clients have been dreaming of their whole lives, with a high attention to customer service, so they get exactly what they have wanted and asked for. To get in touch with Sean and Tonya, click here. To get tickets to the Asher Artisan Bridal Show and meet them in person, click here! See you soon!

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