Awesome Asher Artisan Vendor–A Heavenly Touch Cakes

I’ve just had the pleasure of meeting Melissa from A Heavenly Touch Cakes! As I browsed her website and her Facebook page, each photo was just so fun! Her cakes are really cool, and completely specialized to what her clients want for their vision! Read on to get to know Melissa a little more!

Melissa was inspired by the saying “Find a way to make money doing what you love, and it will never seem like work”. She started A Heavenly Touch Cakes out of a hobby that  she truly LOVED doing. Additionally her business is founded on the idea that she has done NOTHING to earn, work for, or improve her creativity. Her creativity was given by God when He created me. With that in mind, she donates 10% of the profits from custom orders to charities or organizations of the customers choosing. She believes in giving back, for what has been initially been given to her.
She chose cakes for expressing her art because desserts are for celebration. Whether for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, retirement, etc we eat dessert to celebrate the memorable moments in our lives. She believes cake should not only taste excellent, but look just as good! There is something unique and exciting about eating a “dress”, “pirate ship” or “Emerald City” (just a couple themes she’s done) that you don’t get from eating a typical sheet cake.
She loves interacting with her customers, and loves the rush from sketching new designs and seeing ideas turn into actual cakes. Her absolute favorite moment is when the customer sees their cake for for the first time. She loves watching their jaw drop, and the hand cover their mouth. They get a huge smile and she remembers why she just spent 40 hours covered in powdered sugar, hand painting intricate designs. She loves being the person that creates that feeling in them.
She loves helping an engaged couple think outside the box for planning their wedding because she has always had a dislike for “typical”. No two people on this earth are the same, so why should we limit ourselves to only a select few items on one of the most important days a couple will have in their life? While she gathers inspiration from many sources, she guarantees that a couples cake will never be duplicated (at least by her). There are so many elements that go into a marriage, from the time they met until executing the wedding day, and even dreams the couple has for their life together. She likes to look at each of those unnoticed moments and create a spectacular centerpiece for their wedding. The cake should represent the couple, not “cake #5 from XYZ bridal book”.
Heavenly Touch Cake 1 heavenly touch cake 2 heavenly touch cupcakes heavenly touch emerald city

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